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A veil is so often the finishing touch that creates that “Omg, I’m a bride!” moment when you’re standing in your dress. It’s the little detail that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your mum’s eye! There are many options when it comes to the most iconic bridal accessory: the wedding veil. While the birdcage veil brings a vintage vibe, a cathedral-length veil feels traditional and so dramatic. How are you going to choose a complimentary veil length for your beautiful gown and your wedding style? We've compiled the ultimate guide to wedding veil styles.

 wedding veil guide

Birdcage Veils

The birdcage veil usually measures 4-9". This short and flirty wedding veil can cover just the eyes, skim the nose or fall at the jawline. Usually made of a net or lace, this style is also known as a bandeau veil.

The birdcage veils are perfect for an outdoor wedding. It is great if you want a vintage vibe, it also works well to add a bit of drama. Fashion forward, vibrant, and confident brides-to-be love a birdcage veil on their big day.


Blusher Wedding Veil

The blusher wedding veil measure approximately 30". It is also known as an angle veil or wedge veil. A blusher is a short veil that falls over the face. During the ceremony, the blusher wedding veil is pulled ack to reveal the bride's face, which makes it an exciting and touching moment - the first time the groom sees his bride's face.


Shoulder Length Veil

Shoulder length veil measures approximately 20 inches. This veil style hits your shoulders. With the veil being short, it will not draw attention away from your gown. So it is perfect for gowns with a lot of detailing, for example beading on the lower back, waist or bust.

Shoulder length veil is a great option for less formal events where the bride wants to wear a veil but mainly show off her gown.


Elbow Length Veil

The elbow length veil measure around 25 inches. As the name suggests, the veil length extends to your elbow. It pairs nicely with most dress styles. It is especially stunning for a ball gown because the veil ends where the fullness of the skirt begins. It can be a single tier or have multiple layers with a blusher.


Fingertip Length Veil

The fingertip length veil measures about 38-40 inches. It falls beyond the bride's hips. Fingertip length veils look beautiful on any body type and coordinates perfectly with most gown styles. It is a great choice because it allows a bride to wear a longer veil that won’t block the focus of her beautiful gown, as you can still see it through the sheer fabric.


Knee Length Veil

The knee length veil measures approximately 45 inches in length. As its name suggests, it should fall between the knee and the train. If you want to wear a long veil throughout your reception, the knee length is a good choice. It gives you the freedom to move around without having to drag the veil around during the evening.  Beautiful waist and bodice detailing on your gown will benefit from a knee length veil.


Waltz Wedding Veil

The waltz wedding veil measures around 60 inches. The waltz wedding veil falls between the calf and ankle. It is also a good option for brides who want to wear a long veil for the reception, but still want the freedom to move around during the evening.


Floor Length Veil

The floor length veil measures around 72 inches. It just brushes the floor and almost matches the length of the bride's dress. The beautiful flowing fabric brings an elegant feel, and will adds extra volume to your look. It is perfect for a full length gown that doesn't have a train. It pairs beautifully with ball gown or sheath silhouette.


Chapel Length Veil

A chapel length veil measures approximately 90 inches. It sweeps across the floor extending slightly beyond the bride's gown. This veil is perfect for a more formal setting and elaborate gown. It will add a soft illusion to your dress and is perfect with a beautiful blusher.


Cathedral Length Veil

For the most regal entrance, you must have a cathedral-length veil. It measures approximately 120 inches. Cathedral veils are considered formal and should be worn with a semi-cathedral or cathedral length gown.  This veil type should extend past the bride’s train, and when spread out still allow the gown to be seen.


I hope you have found this article helpful in the search for the right bridal veil length. Please browse our veil collections to find a veil that will complete your perfect bridal appearance. If you have any questions or need help finding a veil, please email me at

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