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Choosing your wedding dress is probably the most exciting moment of your wedding planning. But it can also be stressful to get to know the different gown styles and choose the right one for your big day.

Mermaid and trumpet bridal gowns have similar designs. They both fit tight in the bodice and eventually flare out in the skirt. They accentuate all the right parts of the body and bring out the sexy looking wow factors. The differences between these two styles are often hard to tell. That’s why we break down the differences in this article. Knowing the differences between the two will ultimately help you narrow down your search for the perfect wedding dress.

A Mermaid Dress:

A mermaid dress is tightly fitted to the entire body until it suddenly jets out at or below the knee. The mermaid style has a dramatic flare which is also called ‘fishtail’. It is also known as the ‘fishtail’ dress. The fact that the flare starts at or below the knee keeps the legs pulled together and gives the illusion of a fashionable ‘mermaid tail’.

This ‘tail’ usually features alluring details, for example, ruffles, lace, or beading. It can also feature any length of train, from sweep to cathedral length.

Thanks to the dramatic cut, a mermaid style dress can highlight a curvy figure and make the bride look high-fashion and sexy. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that tight fit and flare falling at or below the knee can restrict movements. If you are thinking about a mermaid gown, it is important to try on your chosen dress and practice walking and sitting in it. If you plan to do a lot of dancing on your big day, you might want to wear a separate dress for the reception.

Mermaid Wedding Dress


A Trumpet Dress:

A trumpet wedding dress hugs the body tightly until approximately mid-thigh, where it begins to gradually come away from the body in an open skirt, much like the shape of a trumpet.

The fact that the flare starts from mid thigh makes it easier for movements compared with the Mermaid gown. If you plan to do a lot of dancing, it is suggested to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and practice dancing in the gown.

Trumpet gowns may feature a train of any length, from sweep to cathedral length trains


We hope that this blog post clears up some of the confusions between the mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses. To get a jumpstart on your quest for the dress, be sure to browse our very own collection of mermaid and trumpet style gowns. Happy hunting!

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